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A note from the President Elect

Dear SMPS-Chicago Members:

As your President Elect this year, a significant goal for me is to develop and position our board and their committees for the next program year. I wanted to share with you the story of how active participation in SMPS has influenced me.

I spent some time reflecting on my career today, as I get ready to assume a new position in the industry. As I look in the rearview mirror, all along the way I can see how my career has been shaped and supported by SMPS – Both the organization itself as well as the people who make up our Chapter and National Network. Along the way, when there were no internal resources to guide me in my job, I found SMPS and it accelerated and changed the trajectory of my career. I went to as many programs and events as I could and met the most amazing people! I met people with strong internal marketing and business development departments in their companies, and they shared ideas. I found the national website and downloaded every resource available. I joined the Professional Development committee and gained so much confidence as we put on a regional conference here in Chicago. I began serving on the board and I gained leadership skills every day. I’ve made some of the most wonderful friends imaginable. I continually hear these same stories from other members and leaders in SMPS.

It made me wonder: What will the future hold for our National organization, our Chicago Chapter, and how will we, together, enable the development of our future leaders in Business Development, Marketing, and Communications?

It begins and ends with an act of volunteerism. Nothing that SMPS provides us happens by accident – there are dedicated people behind every program, event, and member benefit. Getting truly involved in SMPS allows you to build a stronger network of clients, peers, partners, and friends. You contribute to putting on a program or event and come away with a new perspective, concept, or skill to apply to your position. As we grow in knowledge and leadership, we raise the value of SMPS for others, and we elevate the role of Marketing, Communications and Business Development in the AEC Industry.   

But that is just the side effect. In the meantime, it’s fun to work alongside passionate people! And joining a committee now enables you to run for a board position in the future.

The call for nominations will go out in April for the 2012-13 Board of SMPS Chicago. We have several Director terms coming up for election, and would like you to consider running for these positions if you are a current member and have served on a committee for a year (any year):

  • Secretary
  • Professional Development
  • Programs
  • Communications
  • Membership

If you haven’t yet served on a committee, we can connect you with a Director who needs your talents and get you positioned for leadership in the future. Whatever skill, talent and time you can donate, there is a place for you in this organization. Just email me or any committee chair listed on the website. Next year, the remainder of the Directors positions will become available.  

  • Sponsorship
  • Special Events
  • Treasurer

Last, but not least, if you have also served on the Board for a year (any year), you are eligible to run for President- Elect. I am continually inspired by our President and all the Past Presidents I have known, and I consider it a privilege to serve this organization. I am really looking forward to next year!

I ask you today to think about how you can return the gift of SMPS and get involved in any way that best allows you to share of your talents. We are better together than we are alone – so please tell your current board how we can help you get involved and enable you to succeed.


Kate Mullaney
Director of Business Development, Cotter Consulting
President Elect, SMPS Chicago



2 Responses
  1. WOW Kate! Truly insipring…where do I sign up??

    Oh, wait a sec, I think I already volunteered for something…but can’t seem to recall what it was…hmmmm….

    HA! See you at PLS!!!!!


  2. Thank you, Kevin! BTW, sure glad you volunteered to be our National President! I’m awed by the talent, passion, and connection of the National Board to each other, our chapters, and our members. It was an inspirational and useful 3 days at PLS. I hope to introduce and demonstrate to our members just how many resources and support are available from National.

    Thanks to all of you for your enormous commitment!


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