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Matt Rebro, CPSM

Vice President - Business Development



For inquiries about sponsoring special events, please contact Tom Fennell at TFennell@FitzGeraldassociates.net.

SMPS Success Stories

I joined SMPS in 1985 after opening a design firm here in Chicago. The network contacts were invaluable in developing new business relationships. The associations formed in those early years resulted in numerous benefits over the years. One of those relationships led to a career changing move in 1995 that led to an international role in professional marketing.

Lee Benish
Benish Consulting & Facilitation

My SMPS network kept me going during my one year of unemployment. They made me aware of possible jobs and they also let recruiters know about me. Now in my BD role at KJWW, the network I built thru my involvement with SMPS helped me hit the ground running and has provided extreme value in helping me understand new markets and network for project opportunities.

Leann Dockins
KJWW Engineering Consultants

In December 2005, I met Terry Lindsay (Lindsay & Associates) at an SMPS event. During subsequent months/years, Terry and I reconnected at SMPS events and would chat about mutual clients. In 2009, I received a call from Terry asking if Pepper would be interested in a competitive QBS process for a proposed new parish – he was a member of the parish and was compiling a list of interested construction managers. By meeting Terry at an SMPS event, Pepper received the opportunity to pursue a $5.5 million project.

Matt Rebro
Pepper Construction

Cushing is proud to be a sponsor of SMPS Chicago as we recognize the benefit of being involved with one of our key markets. Not only has this helped us with new business opportunities, but it has helped with our brand recognition. We have strengthened relationships with current clients in this organization, as well as built new relationships. We have been put on proposals as a WBE firm, gained color and traditional printing business and truly become friends with members of the organization.

Heather Askew