Leadership & Committees 2013/2014

2013/2014 Leadership & Committees


The President is the principal officer of the Chapter exercising general oversight of its affairs and Officers. The President chairs and serves on the Executive Committee of the Chapter. Responsible for attending and running all monthly board meetings and lunch programs, the President also oversees and mentors all Board members as they carry out their duties and responsibilities. The President services as key point of contact with national, serves as the Chapter’s spokesperson, holds the board accountable to the approved budget, and implements the strategic plan for the fiscal year.

Megen Briars
Director of Marketing
OKW Architects, Inc.
600 W. Jackson, Suite 250
Chicago, IL 60661
Direct: 312-798-7744
Cell: 847-254-2195
Email: mbriars@okwarchitects.com

Executive Committee Members:

Past President: Kate Mullaney, CPSM
President Elect: Megan Muter, CPSM
Secretary: Derek Ward
Treasurer: Nikki Dvorak

Past President

The Past President remains on the board in a capacity of advisor and to provide continuity to the new Board of Directors. The Past President also serves on the Executive Committee of the Chapter.  The Past President stands ready to fill in for the President and the President-Elect in cases when both are unable to attend a function.  In addition the Past President serves as the liaison to the Chapter’s Executive Advisory Panel. 

Kate Mullaney, CPSM
Business Development Director
HDR, Inc.
33 West Monroe, Suite 1750
Chicago, IL 60603
Direct: 312-470-9519
Mobile: 708-466-3395
Email: Kathryn.Mullaney@hdrinc.com

Executive Advisory Committee:
Matt Rebro, Pepper Construction
Gavin Parr, CCS/OS
Nolah Nasser-Gertner, N3 Consulting
Joseph Hirsch, Nagle Hartray
Pam O’Deen, Terracon Consultants Inc.
Kate Brannelly, FSMPS, Raths, Raths & Johnson, Inc.
Amanda Rackow, Benesch
Jacqueline Loewe, Sheridan Park Cons.
Marc Deneau, Henry Brothers
Joe Cushing, Cushing Co.
Leann Dockins, KJWW Engineering
Deborah Hodges, Golden Square
Tim Padgett, Pepper Group
Kirsten Binder, F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen
Sloan Watson, Bulley & Andrews
Cathy Richter, Matthei & Colin Associates
Carrie Mandelin, Mortenson


Chosen for his/her vision and leadership qualities, the President-Elect automatically advances to the position of President, then remains on the Board for a third year as Immediate Past-President. In the absence of the President, the President-Elect presides at all meetings and has all powers of the top elected post. The President-Elect oversees that election process and is charged with developing and encouraging participation in the election process to provide for a high performing board in the following program year. The President Elect manages the Strategic Planning process.

Megan Muter, CPSM
Central Region Marketing Manager
120 S. LaSalle, Suite 1350
Chicago, IL 60603
Phone: (312) 917-0220
Mobile: (312) 848-4851
Email: mutermeg@gmail.com


The Secretary ensures that the minutes of the Board meetings and the Executive Committee meetings as well as these By-Laws, and any policies and procedures approved by the Chapter and the Society are recorded and maintained in the mysmps.org database.  The Secretary serves as the Chapter’s historian, including documenting achievements and data for our Striving for Excellence submittal. 

Derek Ward
Business Development Manager
Gilbane Building Company
8550 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue
Suite 500
Chicago, IL 60631
Phone: 773-695-3528
Email: dward@gilbaneco.com

Society Liaison:
Ampy McIntyre
Eckenhoff Saunders Architects
700 South Clinton
Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: 312-786-1204
Email: amcintyre@esa-inc.com


The treasurer receives, holds and safeguards all funds for the chapter, maintains registration records, is responsible for documentation and fiscal management for accounts payable and receivable.  The Treasurer prepares and updates budget for all chapter board meetings on a regular schedule, assumes responsibility for the accurate and timely filing of government and SMPS National financial paperwork.

Nikki Dvorak
Business Development Coordinator
Primera Engineers, Ltd.
100 South Wacker Drive
7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (312) 242-6443
Email: ndvorak@primerachicago.com

Treasurer Advisor:
Megan Muter, CPSM, ARCADIS, US

Programs Director

The Programs Committee is charged with planning and implementing monthly lunch programs.  The committee drafts a budget, develops topics, secures speakers, secures program sponsors, and manages logistics for the day of the Program, to create a welcoming & professional experience for the Chapter’s members and guests.

Brie Yaksic
Phone: (312) 502-5359
Email: brie.yaksic@gmail.com

Assistant Director:
Vicki Bartling, MRSA Architects

Committee Members:
Sarah Wilkinson, CPSM, HOK
Vinnie Pellegrini, Rolf Jensen
Kate Garassino, J.C. Anderson
Kathryn Finn, Pepper Construction
Jaime Zwierzynski, ECS Limited
Stephanie Sulcer, Skender

Professional Development Director

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for additional learning opportunities offered to the chapter, such as Marketing Boot camp, workshops, Skills Training, Webinars, CPSM certification study groups, and being a liaison to the Heartland Regional Conference biannually. They also manage a scholarship program, enabling the chapter to provide grants and awards to deserving members. They have a budget, develop topics, secure speakers, secure program sponsors, and manage logistics for the day of the Educational events.

Sarah Hill-Matthiesen, CPSM
Senior Marketing Coordinator
Bulley & Andrews
1755 W. Armitage Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622
Direct: 773-645-5834
Cell:  219-771-9441
Email: smatthiesen@bulley.com

Assistant Director:
Maura Hoffman, W.E. O’Neil

Regional Conference Liaison:
Pam O’Deen, Terracon Consultants Inc.

CPSM Exam Coordinator:
Caroline Brogan, CPSM, FGM Architects

Committee Members:

Brooke Beckner, Alfred Benesch
Leann Dockins,KJWW Engineering,(HRC 2015 Co-Chair)
Madhu Gresla, Gresla Architects
Natalie Menke, Ratio Architects
Pam O’Deen-Pishler, Mortenson, (HRC 2015 Co-Chair)
Sloan Watson, Bulley & Andrews

Special Events Directors

This committee develops the Chapter’s networking events which include: Holiday Party, Summer Event, seasonal networking events, and works with other Directors to enable networking at various Chapter events. They manage opportunities that enable the Chapter and other organizations to work together to achieve shared goals.  They draft a budget, secure venues, secure event sponsors, and manage logistics for the day of the event.

Thomas S. Petermann, P.E.
Project Manager
Eriksson Engineering Associates, Ltd.
145 Commerce Drive, Suite A
Grayslake, IL 60030
Office: 847-752-6250
Cellular: 847-767-8274
Email: tpetermann@eea-ltd.com

Katie Stilts, CPSM
Marketing Coordinator
Baxter & Woodman, Inc.
8840 W. 192nd Street
Mokena, IL 60447
Phone: (708) 478-2090
Cell: (219) 308-1128
Email: kstilts@baxterwoodman.com

Committee Members:
Arica Bukowski, Cushing
Joe Cushing, Cushing
Candice Hickman, d’Escoto
Jonathan Kulpit, FPI Consortium
Becky Reichert, Burns McDonnell
Valerie Solver, Cushing
Amber Zurcher, Integrated Electrical Services

Sponsorship Director

The Sponsorships Committee oversees the development of the Sponsorships Program. The Committee fosters relationships with existing and prospective sponsors and presents to them opportunities to reach various audiences and receive benefits and exposure through financial support of the Chapter. The committee supports the other committees by identifying potential sponsors for individual events.

Carrie Mandelin, CPSM
Business Development and Marketing Manager
Mortenson Construction
25 Northwest Point Blvd.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Direct: 847.472.8109
Cell: 847.894.1815
Email: carrie.mandelin@mortenson.com

Committee Members:
Pam O’Deen, Terracon
Leann Dockins, KJWW

Membership Director

The Membership Committee is charged with maintaining and increasing Chicago Chapter membership, arranging opportunities for new members to meet each other, and enabling members to engage with others and participate in creating the future of the Chapter. This committee drafts and adheres to a budget for activities identified to recruit, retain and engage members.

Shelley Finnigan, S.E.
Technical Sales Engineer
ArcelorMittal International
1 South Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60603
Office: 312-899-3936
Email: shelley.finnigan@arcelormittal.com

Assistant Director:
David Copeland, Shen Milsom Wilke LLC

New Member Liaison:
Lauren Fitzgerald, Valenti Builders

Programs Liaison:
Kathryn Finn, Pepper Construction Co

Mentor-Protégé Program Manager:
Roshanna Tokh, CCS/OS

Recruitment Manager:
Michael Clarahan, Thornton Tomasetti

Retention Manager:
Melissa Golan, Pepper Construction Co

Membership Drive Chairs:
Jim Prothe, Sonoma Partners
Savannah Ziegelbauer, The Lakota Group

Committee Members:
Matt Rebro, Pepper Construction Co
Gavin Parr, CCS/OS
Amanda Rackow, Benesch

Communications Director

The Communications Committee is responsible for the Chapter’s communications through its newsletter, social media, website, and media. The Committee will also work with each committee to ensure information flows to the chapter to allow for member participation and inclusion in all Chapter activities.  This committee keeps the chapter connected to each other, ideas, and opportunities.

Steve Nargang, P.E.
Vice President
Gage Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Oak Brook, IL
Direct: 630-581-5423
Email: snargang@gage-inc.com

Assistant Directors:
Meghan Murphy, ARCADIS, US
Megan FitzPatrick, CPSM, Lochner
Anne Kulick, CPSM, ICI

Committee Members:

Megan Muter, CPSM, ARCADIS, US
Rachel Yas, Pierre-Yves Rochon
Holli Wagenaar, Legat Architects
Lauren Stark, Eriksson Engr.
Bob Elmore & Assoc. Photography
Colleen Murphy, Michuda Constr.
Maureen Noonan, Perkins Eastman
Natalie Menke, CPSM, RATIO Architects
Kelly Thomas, AON
Jacki Wilson, echo design group